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Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens for Nikon F

I recently have sold my 85mm lens as I am not a big fan of moving around to take a proper shoot, buying this Tamron lens and testing it for landscape photography before the portrait, I have the following comments:

From my point of view:

  1. Very good quality compared to my former Nikon lens.
  2. seems a little heavy, especially with Nikon D810 body, but had the same feeling as Nikon lens.
  3. The design of zoom ring is awesome.
  4. Tripod mount collar is very handy to be used in portrait mode, very easy to work with.
  5. It has 3 VC ( Vibration compensation) modes that work really great , even when you are walking or shaking from cold!
  6. The motor feels very quiet.

Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens for Nikon F sample shots are as follows:


Portrait Photography

Portrait photography requires that a lot of attention to detail is considered. One of the good things about portrait photography is that it allows the photographer to take pictures with proper planning before the session begins. The best photographers are going to know which place is going to be optimal for their needs. They will learn to identify the best angles and the best locations for their images.
The focus of a portrait is to showcase an individual and get the most flattering features to show up in the picture. In order to be able to achieve this, the photographer has to be able to use the right kind of background. It has to be a background that can provide a very flattering pattern and ideal colors that will enhance the features and the colors on the person who is being photographed.

Using all kinds of angles at different distances and being able to provide the most ideal situation in general is going to be extremely important. A portrait needs to be able to bring out the very best in any person.
Nothing maters more than the highlight of the best angle that a face offers. Knowing how to find that angle and working with the lighting and with the environment are going to be essential steps to take in order to achieve the kind of results that you want.
Always consider experimenting with background colors to see which one is going to provide the most flattering complementary contrast for an individual. This is going to be ideal for the best results to be provided when a person is looking for as portrait that makes them look their best.

Some photographers also consider the importance of using light and a single colored background or their images. Some backgrounds can take away from the focus of the person that is being photographed and this is not a good thing. A professional photographer is always going to find the right balance to ensure that the photos are perfect and the individual being photographed is going to be the center of attention to those who see the image.
This is the perfect balance that needs to be found in order for a photography session for a portrait to be ideal. The photographer needs to work hard to find this balance and to achieve the perfect shot that highlight the features on the subject. This is going to mean the difference between the perfect shot and an image that is not strikingly beautiful.
You don’t need a perfect model to get a perfect portrait shot. Al you need is a professional photographer that is going to be able to take the ideal photo and provide the ultimate results for the needs of the client. This is the way to separate a professional photographer from an amateur that is not going to know how to make the most out of the situation and location when taking a picture.

Family photography: Why to invest on family photography

There are many great ways in which people can create memories in life, but there is no question that the very best one continues to be photography. This is a very powerful way to capture and moment and it speaks in a way that is much more enticing and mysterious.
You can have the best quality HD video of you and your family, but the beauty of a top quality image that is frozen in time is impossible to replicate and impossible to match. This is the reason why investing in family photography is always going to be so important and so powerful.

You and your family should take a top quality really picture because this is the best way to create a timeline of the evolution of your family. You will see your children grow in images that are completely unforgettable and they mark a special time in your lives. This is the reason why the power of photography can’t ever be replaced by any other form of media.

If you can hire a photographer that knows how to capture a family portrait perfectly to highlight the features on each person. This is going to be very important if you want to get the best possible results when you are looking for a proper way to capture the way that your family changes with each year.
This is the kind of thing that is never going to fade away and it will allow you to keep a certain mystery and elegance to the past. If you look at an image, you can’t help but wonder a lot about the people that are featured in an image. This sense of mystery has always been the main reason why this is such a powerful approach.

Another advantage of using images is that many can be stored in an album and with modern technology, there is no need for restoration as there are many ways to duplicate the digital files. This makes modern photography extremely easy to keep intact and any printed photo can easily be replaced by a newly printed version if needed.
Always remember the importance of photography that is created with professional lighting and with proper attention to detail and ambience. This makes a world of a difference between a picture taken by someone without photographic knowledge and a picture taken by someone who is truly skilled in what they do.
You will always be grateful when you look back and you remember that you decided to hire a professional photographer that was able to capture a truly outstanding image of you and your loved ones.
You can have all the videos in the world, but the best way to remember any moment in your life and the lives of those you love is with an image that speaks a thousand words and no words at all at the same time. That is more than enough of a reason for anyone to value the power of a family portrait.

Fashion Photography

There are all kinds of photography and some of them require a different kind of techniques and equipment than others. The thing is that important to remember is that photos need to be able to capture glamour and style all at once when they are taken for fashion purposes.
Fashion photography requires skills in many ways that the untrained photographer could never understand or see. A good fashion photographer should be able to anticipate the movement of the fabric and the look on the models face in order to take the perfect shot. This has to be combined with the moment when the light in the surrounding environment provides the most faltering shine.

Photography is basically the most revealing media that is used in the world of fashion. The way that a dress can be showcased in a perfect picture with the ideal model is going to mean the difference between a top selling fashion collection and just another random collection that is going to fade away without any substantial success.
This is the main reason why fashion photographers that are in charge of taking photos in live events have to be the most skilled photographers. They have a very difficult job and they need to be able to capture the highlights of a dress by taking the movement of the body in consideration before taking that perfect shot and that is what the fashion photographer searches for.
It’s all about the perfect moment between the model and the fashion that he or she is wearing. This is what it all comes down to when a professional is looking to get results from their fashion photography sessions. The need to find the perfect moment is constant when an event has so much amazing fashion on display at once and the photographer needs to be very careful to make the right decisions to avoid missing out on important moments.
The same thing can be said about photography that is meant to be used for display of fashion worn by a model in a controlled environment. A studio for fashion photography needs to have all of the proper lighting that is required in order to get the kind of results that are needed.

The lighting needs to allow for the contours of a dress and the features of a model to be display in the most glorious style possible. This is going to create the perfect magazine cover photography that all fashion photographer want to capture. This is the main reason why a fashion photographer needs to be a seasoned photographer with plenty of skill in the art and this is going to allow them to focus on those moments while they take their pictures.
The perfect image can be quite elusive, but a great photographer is always going to be able to capture it regardless of how fleeting it could be. This is the kind of attention to detail and anticipation that separates a great photographer from an amateur.

Three Pitfalls of Wedding Photography in Gold Coast That You Need to Avoid

What is wedding photography in Gold Coast?

Sydney Wedding Photographer

Yes, for most of you, this might sound like an odd question to ask as most of you will answer that wedding photographer is the kind of photography that is usually done during weddings. To some extent, this is right, but it also oversimplifies what wedding photography is all about. Wedding photography in Gold Coast  has, over the years undergone tremendous advancements and today its meaning is different for each couple.

If you are getting married and want to capture your wedding in the best possible manner, you will have some expectations with the wedding photographer and that’s fine; we all have expectations. But does your photographer know about these expectations? Are they aware of what you like what you don’t? It sounds like a relationship, right? Well, it is! In order to get the kind of pictures you want, you have to develop a trusting relationship with the photographer, and just like every relationship, communication is essential in getting the kind of wedding pictures that you’ve always dreamt of.

However, there are certain pitfalls when it comes to wedding photography in Australia  that you need to avoid. These tips will undoubtedly help you get the best pictures for your wedding.

Sign of Good Australian Wedding Photographers

Have you clearly defined your wedding photography goals: Good photographers will need to know what you like and what makes you happy. Precisely for this reason, you need to clearly state what they want to know. This will be the most special day of your life which is why it’s important to know what makes you happy.  Do you need more formal pictures or do you prefer a photojournalism style? Do you want them to cover your engagement or capturing just the wedding will do?

The best way to make the Gold Coast wedding photographer understand what you want is to show them some pictures that you like. This will give them a fair idea of what kind of photography style you prefer.

Tell your photographer what you expect: Sure, for the photographer, you are their client, but do they know the real you? If they don’t even know you, how can they capture pictures that match your personality and taste? Tell them how and when you met with your partner along with how you spend quality time with each other.  Only by being honest with them, can you ensure that you get quality work done

Schedule certain times for specific pictures: This is an extremely common pitfall in weddings. Most people do not maintain a schedule with the photographer, and they tell these professionals to click “wedding pictures” in a generic manner which creates misunderstandings. To prevent such scenarios, set aside certain blocks of time for the photographer where they will capture certain kinds of pictures. Tweaking your schedule in this manner ensures that your photographer is organised and know what they are doing.

Photography Captures Happiness

There are many reasons why people take pictures. Some are taken to provide proof of an event while others are taken to capture the beauty of nature, but the most important reason why pictures are important is because they can help us capture happy moments in life. There are just so many happy moments that deserve to be captured and some of them deserve to be captured in a special and way.

Being able to get a professional photographer to capture the most important moments in your life and the life of those you love is essential in life. You are always going to remember those moments when you had your first child and you decide to take your first photo together. This is a moment that is going to be extremely important for you and for your child to see when he or she grows up.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that even when there are so many ways for people to take photos with their mobile devices and take video, there is nothing that compares to the presence, the quality and the incredibly sharp and professional look of a photo taken in the perfect setting by a professional.

The lighting, the angles, the background, it all blends perfectly when the photographer knows what to do and that is the kind of photo that ends up being ageless. The kind of picture that you will show to your children your grandchildren and then they will show it to other generations. This is how powerful and how important a good picture is and why it needs to be part of every happy and relevant moment of your life.


The main purpose in life is to enjoy it and to be as happy as possible. This is the reason why being able to capture those moments as much as possible is going to be so important. To be able to leave a legacy of the best moments in your life is priceless for the coming generations.

The power of a photograph is impossible to match even with the highest quality of video. A photo speaks in ways that video never could. It freezes a moment in time forever and it brings out the best from every single person, animal or even scenery that is involved.

Never forget that the power of a properly taken photo has never and will never be matched by any other capturing method. The important thing is to be able to hire a competent and professional photographer that has experience with all kinds of photos for all kinds of occasions and this is going to be an ageless and powerful reminder of the most precious moments that you and those close to you experienced in every stage of your lives.

Once you look back at all those amazing moments, you will be glad that you took the time to get someone with experience to take those pictures of you and your loved ones.


5 Qualities Every QLD Wedding Photographer Must Have

Many people just assume that the job of a photographer is pretty straightforward because all they have to know is how to operate a camera to capture pictures. But in reality, the job of these professionals, especially that of a Gold Coast wedding photographer is extremely tough. Not only do they have to work in less than ideal conditions and keep their cool but they also need to responsive to the demands of the bride and groom.

Planning can go out of the window

Sydney wedding photographer

Often in wedding ceremonies, whatever the photographers have planned can go out of the window which is why proper management of time and logistics is imperative. Also, these professionals should have the calmness and flexibility to tackle the constant change in plans and hassles. Over the years, the role of wedding photographers has only increased, and its popularity has soared considerably.

But that’s not to say that you can hire just about anyone for your wedding. Sure the overall quality of wedding pictures has enhanced, but there will always be certain bad seeds in every profession. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to take certain considerations before hiring these professionals.

Below are the essential qualities that you must take note of while acquiring the services of any photographer:-


Communication is an incredibly expansive and broadly secured subject, yet at the same time merits an exceptionally prominent notice. Despite what one does, communication has vital influence in any part where cooperation with other individuals is required; in wedding photography, it’s key. Organising massive gatherings of people, giving posturing guidelines, and, by and large, inspiring individuals to do what is required – frequently within a short span of time – are all primarily made simpler if the photographer is a solid communicator.


Needless to say, every professional photographer in Gold Coast  should have high-end cameras. The more high-end the cameras, the better the photos will come. But having just a camera isn’t enough because professionals also need have to make sure that they have all the other gears which are necessary to obtain the right balance of lighting, exposure and angles.


Be it any profession, expertise in a certain aspect always counts a lot. Anyone can capture images if they have access to a camera but professionals also need to make sure that they shoot everything in an aesthetic manner. All photographers should have the required knowledge of the art of photography.


An excellent Gold Coast wedding photographer will always have a portfolio of the projects that they have performed over the years, and they will be more than willing to show it to you. It’s imperative that you see their portfolio because that will give you some idea of their quality of work.

Attention to detail

Needless to say, every professional photographer should be attentive to details. In a wedding, there will be several things happening simultaneously, and it’s easy to miss out on small moments that needed to be captured. Precisely for this reason, the photographer you are hiring should be attentive to every little detail so that they don’t miss out on precious moments.

Wedding photography makes a huge difference


Wedding photography makes a huge difference

There are very few moments in the life of a person that are as important as their wedding day. This is a crucial stage in life because to people are making the decision to become a team that is going to be working together in order to create a family and go through all of the obstacles lie brings as a unit instead of doing it as individuals. This is more than enough of a reason for professional photography to be involved in order to achieve the best possible results.

Images last a lifetime

We all know that nothing compares to a powerful image. We are living in a digital world and everyone is now able to capture images and video with their mobile devices, but the power of a professional photo that is taken with the highest quality camera possible and with a complete understanding of the best angles and the best lighting is going to be something that will last forever. This is the reason why hiring an experienced photographer is going to be extremely important.

The last thing you want is to leave this job in charge of a person who is unable to capture these important moments with the perfect results. A great photographer is going to be working from every possible angle and making sure that all of the important moments during your ceremony are captured properly. The photos taken need to be able to capture all of the emotions that people felt that night.

Photos tell a different story

Some people might argue that capturing video is better for them because they get to relive the moments in full motion, but the power of a photo is something that provides a mystical beauty to it and it has the aura of mystery around it too. These are some of the reasons why making sure that you have the right kind of photos when you open that photo album and show pictures of your wedding to your kids, your nephews and your grandkids.

Finding a great photographer

The process of finding a professional photographer that is going to help you capture the best moments is not so hard thanks to the internet, but you still need to do some research in order to find the very best. Lucky for you, if you are riding this article, you have just found the right photographer for your wedding and I will fully dedicate my time and my experience to make sure that your wedding photo album is going to be spectacular.

A photo speaks louder than any words

Remember that a good photo can speak much louder than any words you could ever speak or any full motion video. Images have a very special power to them and tell help tell a tale that merges reality with fantasy in a way that no other modern media could ever do it. That is the reason why photographers continue to be and will always be essential in any important event.




Wedding ideas

Wedding ideas

Even if I’m not getting married, I usually spend a lot of time watching the wedding photos from all around the world. The Bride and groom usually like to see the photos of everything that money has been spent on or time has been consumed.


I was lucky to catch the beauty of outdoor natural light photography, that’s the reason that I am a fan of outdoor wedding decorations. Dreamy fairy tale style weddings along with the rustic vintage wedding centerpieces that makes everyone take out their phones to take a photo of.

I am also a big fan of creative guest books, especially the type that they assign someone with a polaroid to take a photo of guests and put it in. More stories and ideas to come later.


Must have Wedding Photos

As part of my contract with the couple, I included a list of must have wedding photos that I try to include in the final wedding album.

Wedding photos
Wedding photos

From the time that bride starts to get ready, family members and stylists working on everything as fast as possible to the wedding exit and wedding getaway car.

Wedding photos
Wedding photos

Trying to be agile and plan for all possible combination of looks and styles, I always tell myself that every wedding is unique and needs a different style. You can compare it to cupcake ideas, the photos are something unique for each family.