Photography Equipment

In this post I want to talk about the equipment and how to know something that you are buying is good or not.

First thing I recommend is to make yourself familiar with the DXOMARK website. Whatever you want to buy , read the reviews and decide what lens is suitable for your camera and needs.

Another useful website, but more complex to understand is: DPREVIEW

Hiring or borrowing the lens is also useful as you see the results.

Talk with the professional sales people, not someone that knows nothing about cameras. In each camera shop, you will see someone that has done photography for more than 10 years. They are the best people to consult with.


To answer the question of what equipment do I use or what is in my camera bag and sometimes wish list:

  1. Camera body: Full frame or cropped sensor, but should be able to take raw photos.
  2. Lens: 85mm, 135mm or 70-200mm for portraits
  3. Lens: 14-24mm or 16-28mm , 24mm prime for landscapes and Group photos
  4. Macro lens: Whatever you like, but I’m using 150mm
  5. Cable release for shutter to be used for long exposure photos
  6. Speed light flashes: I usually have 3 in my camera bag
  7. Shoot through or reflective silver umbrella
  8. Flash trigger and radio trigger to fire the flash
  9. Filters: ND filters, GND filters, UV filters and polarized filter
  10. Pen & Paper, model release form, business card, tissues and lens cleaning
  11. Extra batteries , extra memory card, flashlight, mosquito repellant spray